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  1. Advertising designers need the skills and understandings in the category ______


    1. art and graphics
    2. fashion designer
    3. autocad
    4. word processing


  1. When solving conflict in the office, use I statement to avoid


    1. Stress
    2. Conflict
    3. Pressure
    4. Accusations


  1. The organization and integrating of activities is done through


    1. Administration
    2. Co-ordinating
    3. Filing
    4. Communicating


  1. The following are ways to control stress EXCEPT


    1. follow directions
    2. set realistic goals
    3. learn through experience
    4. establish priorities


  1. The electronic workstation is made up of the following EXCEPT


    1. Input
    2. Storage
    3. Process
    4. Configuration


  1. ______________________ is a person’s will or desire to do something.


    1. Satisfaction
    2. Motivation
    3. Willingness
    4. Confidence


  1. “People must feel doing the job well will provide them with something they value in return.”  This statement refers to


    1. Self confident
    2. Willingness
    3. Needs satisfaction
    4. Concentration


  1. Ergonomics refers to


    1. a study of work environment
    2. data processing system
    3. communication between organization
    4. a study of the economics


  1. Which of the following refers to the layout of the office


    1. Office program
    2. An office management
    3. Office landscape
    4. Organization structure


  1. The role of the office manager is to manage the following EXCEPT


    1. workers
    2. workplace
    3. workstation
    4. workflow


  1. The purpose of internal communication is to


    1. make contact between two points
    2. prepare organizational structure
    3. inform and negotiate conflicts
    4. advertise products


  1. The following are important skills needed for the 21st Century EXCEPT


    1. reading and writing skills
    2. customer relation skills
    3. learning skills
    4. interpersonal skills


  1. An example of internal communication is


    1. Transportation
    2. Postal
    3. Advertisement
    4. Visual chart


  1. Attackers are


    1. people who act like subject expert
    2. people who need space
    3. people who always agree
    4. people who act powerless


  1. The way people structure the space around themselves is known as


    1. Paralanguage
    2. Proxemics
    3. Limited area
    4. Proper space


  1. A good way to cope with stress and get along with others better is to


    1. Exercise
    2. Take frequent breaks
    3. Eat a balanced diet
    4. Maintain a sense of humor


  1. Body language


    1. is a space around the person
    2. concerns with time
    3. refers to gesture of the body
    4. must be learned by everyone


  1. Among the things that motivate us include


    1. promotion
    2. Hard work
    3. Good looks
    4. Expensive items


  1. Employees who are eager to help are


    1. demotivated
    2. motivated
    3. willing
    4. unwilling


  1. Successful change is built in


    1. big steps
    2. small steps
    3. long-range
    4. short-range


  1. When dealing with _________________________ you must respect their knowledge.


    1. attackers
    2. victims
    3. sneaks
    4. egotists


  1. A written summary of an conversation or investigation findings is called


A.  reports

B.  notice

C.  letter

D.  minutes


  1. Equipments that sense magnetically coded badges are known as _________ .


A.  alarms

B.  videotape

C.  proximity readers

D.  detection systems


  1. The servicing of equipment and replacement of parts in order to keep the equipment safe for use is known as a/an


A.  detection system

B.  preventive maintenance

C.  accident prevention

D.  work simplification


  1. A listing of activities to determine the priority of task that need to be completed for the day is known as a


A.  electronic calculator

B.  reminder system

C.  To Do list

D.  calendar


  1. Where would a Petty Cashier normally keep the petty cash in the office?


A.  Handbag

B.  Files cabinet

C.  Drawer

D.  Cash box








  1. In  non-electronic scheduling systems, employees can maintain their weekly schedules by


A.  filling in daily calendar

B.  recording in the company’s meeting attendance records

C.  updating printed scheduling forms and monitoring progress on project

D.  maintaining records of projects


  1. Project Management software is also known as __________________


A.  hardware

B.  project ware

C.  groupware

D.  software


  1. An electronic calendar system allow the user to do the following EXCEPT:


A.  record appointment

B.  complete scheduling tasks

C.  reserve office resources

D.  update and modify calendar events




  1. Which of the following is one of the skills needed by a supervisor?


A  Communication skill

B  Technical skill

C  Work method skill

D  Administrative skill







  1. There are 3 skills needed for office supervisor.  Explains each skill and support your answer with the example for the skills. [ 10 marks ]


  1. How to deal with difficult people? [ 5 marks ]


  1. Organizing the daily schedule is important for the secretary.  Briefly explain what you can do to organize your office daily schedule.

      [ 8 marks ]

  1. Project management software is one of the electronic scheduling tools.  Briefly describe the functions of project management software. [ 7 marks ]










Kartina has worked as an Executive Officer in an construction company for past five years.  Most of the time, in order to accomplish her work tasks she has to communicate with other officers in the department and passes up reports to her manager, En Gabon for further actions.  Lately she has been dealing with too many difficult people who directly involve in the construction projects of the company.  She notices that conflicts exist in the office and she tries to manage it.  Kartina feels that she is so pressured with her responsibilities and she plans to talk about the conflict with En Gabon.  It seems that Encik Gabon has been very calm despite of heavy workload and the conflict.  Therefore, she schedules a meeting with Encik Gabon to clarify a lot of situations and she wants to identify the ways to manage the conflict successfully.


(a)   State five basic types of difficult people that exist in the business world and explain the ways of handling each of them. ( 15 marks )

(b)   Give five suggestions in order to manage the conflict in the office. ( 5 marks )

(c)    List five physical stress symptoms that are commonly experienced by many officers in the office. ( 5 marks)

(d)   Explain the three things that influence a person’s desire to do their job well. ( 10 marks )

(e)   Describe five characteristics of motivated workers in the office. ( 5 marks )